A unique business model. We focus on providing cost certainty for clients in achieving their corporate and commercial goals.

More Emphasis On What Matters.

We started this firm with a very defined goal: to achieve the best possible outcome for you, our clients. That means pinpoint focus on your business goals and a dedication to going on the journey with you.

Our first step is to understand your environment and commercial objectives. We provide direct, concise and commercial advice that is easily understood and to the point. Our specialist industry understanding, years of experience and innovative problem-solving approach provides us with the capacity to offer highly tailored solutions that meet your requirements. We focus on the things we do best and we help you to do the same.

The next step is to establish cost certainty for your business in these challenging market conditions. GrilloHiggins achieves this by placing greater emphasis on value pricing and risk sharing arrangements rather than traditional time-based billing.

Finally, we see our solutions through to completion. We take pride in seeing your goals achieved. If obstacles arise, we are prepared with solutions to ensure that you get to where you want to go. We also provide you with updates, support and information that matter to you.

See here for some recent transactions that the GrilloHiggins team have advised on.

In the words of our founding partners, Alfonso Grillo and Garrick Higgins:

Feedback from our existing network has been overwhelmingly positive about our business model. Clients are becoming increasingly sophisticated in the manner in which they engage legal services. They expect cost certainty, ease of access to key legal decision makers, a commercial approach to advice and in many cases a willingness for their lawyers to share risk and have some skin in the game. The traditional law firm structure and cost of overheads limits most firms from being able to work within this model which can end up at the expense of their clients.

We recognised that fundamental changes were occurring in the legal industry and this together with ever increasing expectations of clients provided us with a unique opportunity to start a firm with a blank canvas that evolves to adapt to our clients, their needs and changing conditions..

Our founding partners are joined by experienced Partners David Woodford, Matthew Bridges and Tony Petani and our capable team of lawyers and support staff. This team works closely, collaboratively and communicatively to ensure that every aspect of your work is dealt with professionally and cost-effectively.

In addition to our Melbourne base, in 2020 we were pleased to have also opened a Perth office.

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